Strategies so you can pay your debts on time

Our behavior towards credit is fundamental for the development of our personal finances, since in some way or another, we will have to relate to it. Whether in the form of a credit card, personal loan or credit of cars and homes, when acquiring it establishes obligations that must be fulfilled.

However, one of the main problems of people has to do with the arrears that arise once they acquire some type of credit. They do not know how to organize themselves, they spend their money, they forget the dates of the payments and a thousand more reasons that cause them to end up late and that the banks see them more as enemies than as ideal clients.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, consider these strategies to make sure you pay your debts on time.

Automatic payments:

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Also known as automatic debit, it consists of coordinating with your bank so that every month, on a certain date, a certain amount is deducted from your account, which will be used to pay what you have to pay (services, cards, etc.).

Expense applications: There are many applications that you can download to your cell phone and that will help you not only keep a clean budget but also remember when you should make your payments. With the “reminder” option, you can make sure that on each date, the application reminds you what is coming.

Using your own cell phone: Not having internet on the cell phone is not an excuse either. You can use the calendar option to remind you every month what payments you should make. You can even place a reminder for the dates on which your salary is deposited, reminding you that this month you have to pay more, so you avoid spending more than you should.

Having extra money:

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This strategy is not so much to remember but to keep you up to date in case of some unforeseen event. Try to save a considerable amount that can help you cover a share of your debt in case of an emergency that you have to attend and leave you with your wallet almost empty.

But keeping up with your debts would stop making sense if we don’t care about acquiring the right debts, that is, those that really suit us. If what you need is a personal loan, before applying for it at any bank or financial institution, compare the rates and benefits using Aishaley’s personal loan comparator, so you won’t have to regret it.