SOS: Paperwork for mortgage credit

The feeling of choosing the house that we will buy is very satisfactory but it looks a bit opaque when we think about the papers that we have to present to apply for the desired mortgage loan.

We must choose the entity to which we will apply for the loan

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The mortgage loan is used to finance the purchase of houses, apartments, beach houses, half-built houses, housing extensions, remodeling, etc. The documents requested by the institutions will vary depending on the state of the house (new or used) and the agreements you may have with that institution; In addition, they depend on the work situation of the person (dependent, independent, pensioner).

For dependent workers:

– Copy of current ID.
– If you are married, valid marriage certificate. If you are divorced, the divorce certificate.
– Copy of the last two payment slips.
– Last AFP account statement.
– Account opened in the bank to which you will resort.
– Affidavit (where it is stated that you have or do not have any property)

For freelancers:

– Receipts for fees for the last six months.
– Two last affidavits of Income Tax.
– Documents that inform about the assets you own (cars, other properties, etc.)
– Relationship of the main clients.
– Six last monthly payments of 4th. Category to SUNAT.

In both cases to carry out the study of property titles, you need:

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– Simple copy of the HR (Summary Sheet)
– Simple copy of the PU (Urban Estate)
– Simple copy of Public Deed.
– DNI of the seller of the property (if a legal person will be required the testimony of business constitution)

Remember that this may vary according to the institution with which you are processing the credit, so you must request a detailed list of what to submit. Once the credit is approved, the bank will give you the complete list of documents that you need for the paperwork of the title and other studies.