Immediate payday loans online -With us, you can request a cash advance loan online

Someone once said that payday loans disappear from the market sooner than they appeared, and meanwhile we have 2017, which is about 5 years since they appeared on the online market.

With us, you can request a cash advance loan online

Cash advance loan online is still very popular, there is plenty to choose from because the competition in this field is quite large and the offers of some of them are quite attractive in terms of costs.

People applying for the first loan are in a very comfortable situation because they can take advantage of the offer without incurring any additional costs. The first loan is offered as part of the popular “payday basis for PLN 0” promotion, thanks to which new customers can borrow the first loan without incurring any additional fees.

The condition is repayment of the entire borrowed amount within 30 days, only then we can count that we will not incur any additional costs. Currently, as part of the first payday loan from E-Money, we can borrow up to PLN 3,000, which gives one of the largest amounts available under the first loan.

For regular customers – in the case of subsequent loans at E-Money, of course, you have to incur standard costs of loans, but those in the case of E-Money offer are among the cheapest on the domestic payday loan market. Currently, the offer for regular customers includes loans reaching up to PLN 5,000. E-Money’s offer is available to people who are over 20 years old and have income enabling repayment of loans and no debt both in BIK databases and in debtors’ registers.

Low costs for regular customers and the first loan for 10 PLN

What distinguishes Loan and Credit’s offer is definitely a prominent promotion for new customers who can get this first loan on promotional terms. The cost of the first loan is PLN 10 and it doesn’t matter if we reach for the smallest amount available as part of the payday loan of PLN 50 or the largest one that currently amounts to PLN 1,500.

The cost for the first payday loan will always be the same and will amount to PLN 10, at least until the end of the promotion (for now it is not limited in time). What’s more, we can get such a loan with a 60-day repayment period, which is twice as long as in the case of traditional payday loans.

Equally interesting are also the costs in the case of subsequent loans that are not particularly excessive. In addition, Loan and Credit allow you to get an installment loan if you want to spread the loan over a longer repayment period, e.g. up to 12 months. In the case of such loans, the loan amount may be higher and reach PLN 3,000. Loan and Credit have been a lending company for 18 years.

The loan offer has been available for 18 years and you only need your ID card, bank account, and mobile phone to obtain it. Loan and Credit verify the data of its clients both through the debtors and BIK databases.