How carefully do we buy real estate?

How long do we decide to buy an apartment or house? According to an English survey, quoted by kü, it takes 27 minutes for a property to enter the door to actually buy it.

This less than half an hour, however, is preceded by an average of 75 hours of searching for a home, and viewing 8 properties earlier. Almost half of those surveyed knew immediately when they looked at it that it would be their future home, and nearly a quarter of respondents said it was within 10 minutes .

We make millions of dollars in 20 minutes


Similarly, buyers do not think too much when deciding on a home loan, and 20 minutes after getting to know the offer, they nod to the contract. According to a British survey, people decide on a much cheaper sitting set after 88 minutes of thinking.

Indeed, choosing a home is not a small matter of emotion, as we enter, we see the lighting, the layout of the home, the furnishings; we feel the atmosphere. But if we say yes in a matter of minutes – which is generally supported by the seller and perhaps the real estate agent by mentioning the large crowd of inquirers frequently – we may be ignoring a lot of relevant information.

For example, the area around the property may be important, what is in the neighborhood and what is not, what kind of construction or development is expected. It is not excluded that you would be impressed by a particular apartment or house in the evening or on weekends.

Even the flat roof has to be explored


The heating, the age and condition of the plumbing – and you can go on for a long time – are also worth a closer look .

Unless we are professionals, unless we bring a builder, a civil engineer, or at least a good technician to ‘walk around’, we can say blindly.

We also need to think about our own needs


Do we really need that much room, wouldn’t it be enough? Will we really fit in the kitchen if the family is growing? Is it really good if you can’t keep a dog in the condominium? Will we really use the balcony overlooking a busy road?

Whether you are buying a home from equity or borrowing, take the time to truly love your future home.