Can I get help paying for health insurance -How to sign up for Medicare

How to sign up for Medicare If you apply for Social Security, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare. However, if you are still working at age 65 and beyond, you will need to enter. There is a specific time frame for entries and a few choices for the type of cover you want. Part […]

Medicare Advantage

What is Mandatory Health Insurance?

Mandatory health insurance – individual mandate Mandatory health insurance is a requirement, under certain healthcare laws or proposals, that all citizens have health insurance. It is also known as the individual mandate. In many cases, people who do not buy or otherwise receive health insurance will be fined. The standards for the employer and the […]


Medicaid Cover for Pregnancy

Eligible All states offer a kind of Medicaid program for pregnant women. Eligibility is determined by examining the applicant’s income, assets and those of other members of the household. However, it may differ in specific fitness guidelines between states. A pregnant woman is usually eligible for Medicaid if her income is at or below 133 […]


How to get nursing home paid by Medicaid

Nursing home paid Nursing home costs can be outrageous. Sometimes the funds are just not available to cover the cost of the second round-the-clock nursing home. Fortunately, Medicaid is available to help with old-age spending for qualified low-income individuals. Even though Medicaid is a federally funded program, each state has its own eligibility and application […]


Learn How To Hire Safe Health Insurance Online

  That the world is digital and that today it is possible to do everything, or almost everything, by the screen of the cell phone, is nothing new for anyone. But did you know that it is possible to hire health insurance online? That’s right, you can not only research but also hire an online […]


Price Adjustments of Health Insurance Plans – Understand the Rules

The readjustment of health plan usually gives headache for many that contract this type of service. Every year, the National Agency of Supplementary Health, ANS, announces the index for authorization of price adjustments of health insurance plans. They may or may not also include dental coverage. ANS is the body responsible for controlling the price […]


Who is eligible for South Carolina Medicaid?

children Medicaid coverage is available to South Carolina children under the age of 19 and whose family income is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Children must be US citizens and state residents and all applicants must have a valid social security number. Medicaid coverage is also available for disabled children […]


Health Insurance in Australia – Medicare

Are you staying in Australia? Then it depends on your personal situation or how you are insured for medical expenses. We compile this information with care. But the rules are complicated and often change. We can therefore not guarantee that this information is accurate and complete. That is why we recommend that you always know […]